Jack the Lizard Wonder World


For the full size image, click on the painting.

Noémi Sawaki-Desjardins (Age 6) from Montreal, Canada sent Jack a lot of pretty paintings.

The huge pumpkin created by Noémi at her school before Halloween last fall.

Noémi drew a lot of fish and marine mammals in the sea with a pencil when she came home from school. Amazingly she did not refer any photos to create this art work. Her mother was very impressed by the detail of her piece. Noémi decollated her drawing with beautiful colours later.

This is from the story of Ariel. As soon as she found a big white paper, she started drawing the story. It is interesting to note the heart marks from Ariel watching her lovely prince, and shells on her chest!

Jack the Lizard

I see many fish, animals and characters in her art works. Thank you very much for your beautiful paintings, Noémi-chan. She loves paintings of animals and dinosaurs. I am looking forward to seeing more paintings from Noémi.

KIRA from Barrie, Ontario sent me a beautiful drawing.

Here is a zebra at the zoo next to his pasture. It was drawn from memory from a visit to the Toronto Zoo.

Kira drew this this week. (Age 4)

Jack the Lizard Wow, What a beautiful drawing! Jack was totally amazed by his charming smile. Kira loves dinosaurs, too. She draws them a lot.

Thank you very much, Kira-chan.