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The Case of the Fish with the Curious Bite
"The case of the Fish with the Curious Bite"

Alexis is an Ocean Detective Agent. One day, Jake, a fisherman, visited her with a fine tuna with several circular shallow holes. Alexis starts her investigation to find out what has happened to the tuna. She asks her friend Hector the dolphin. Surprisingly, Hector says that he has the same experience that something has made a nasty bite and left a hole on his body just like the one on the tuna. It seems the mysterious creature is hiding somewhere close in the sea. What kind of creature is responsible for those nasty bites? Alexis goes to the ocean to find out. What will she encounter and can she solve this mystery?

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Zoo is a great place to meet animals. Zoos provide a lot of information about all the animals and their wild habitats for you.
Many zoos try to create the environment similar to where the animals come from.
You will notice that the many of the animals are listed as the endangered species.
The zoos carry some conservation and breeding programs to save them. It must be interesting for you.

We love animals.

From the list below, please chose your favourite zoo and aquarium with a click.

Let’s go see them. Animals are waiting for the opportunities to interact with you there.

Let's Go to the Zoo!

Toronto Zoo (CANADA) London Zoo (UK) Omoriyama Zoo (AKITA) Ueno Zoo (TOKYO) Tama Zoo (TOKYO)
Toronto Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in Canada. The zoo makes effort towards conservation of wild animals and provides the high standard welfare to the zoo animals as well. You must visit Gorilla Kingdom. Four Western Lowland Gorilla are waitig for you. A lion jumps powerfully towards his meet. Jack heard a lot of fun stories from the zookeepers. The zoo has the longest history in Japan since 1882. It's like an oasis in the metropolis. The insect pabilion is something you must see!
Inokashira Park Zoo (TOKYO) Yumemigasaki Zoo (KANAGAWA) Kanazawa Zoological Garden (KANAGAWA) Zoorasia (KANAGAWA) Saitama Chilren's Zoo (SAITAMA)
The zoo exhibits the local wild animals, birds, and aquatic insects. Free Entrance! But so many animals to meet there! Their food such as potato are planted on the soil with compost, which are made from.... You travel around the world of animals. From Eurasia, America, Oceania, Africa, and Antarctica. The small animals' wonder world is huge! Let's check it out!
Chiba Zoological Park (CHIBA) Ichikawa Zoo (CHIBA) Atagawa Tropical & Alligator Garden (SHIZUOKA) Hamamatsu Zoo (SHIZUOKA) Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Garden (AICHI)

We don't have any opportunity to touch a milking cow usually, right? They are here to interact with you. Otters show how they are dextrous with their hands, and orangutan show big swinging performance. The water and soil is heated by the local hot spring. The zoo has the one of the biggest crocodile collection in Japan. The zoo is located at a hot spring spa resort. Golden Lion Tamarins are so active and cute. We can see the Bearded Saki only in this zoo in Japan.
Tennoji Zoo (OSAKA) Kyoto Municipal Zoo (KYOTO) Ikeda Zoo (OKAYAMA) Hiroshima Zoological Park (HIROSHIMA)  
Jack the Lizard
The huge space looks like the real savannah in Africa. Several different species live together. It is the second oldest zoo in Japan, after the Ueno Zoo. The zoo is located at the centre of Okayama city. Flamingoes march through the zoo. Zoo keeper's talk is the great fun. Asa zoological park of Hiroshima opened in 1971. Since then Asa zoo has been protecting Japanese giant salamanders.  

Let's Go to the Aquarium!

Vancouver Aquarium (CANADA) Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium (IBARAKI) Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium (AICHI) Kaiyukan (OSAKA) Lake Biwa Museum (SHIGA)
Beluga Show is very fun! So many beautiful fish and starfish from the West Coast of Canada are there to meet you. The aquarium expanded its facility 10 years ago. Main attraction is not only shark but ocean sunfish. The frontiers of the Sea Turtle Study is here. If you are lucky, you may see them laying their eggs. The huge Manta Ray and the Tiger Shark will catch your eyes! At the aquarium, you can see many rare freshwater fish and bugs living in Lake Biwa.