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This one is from Sumatra.

Any kind of Tiger is very important now.

Sumatran Tiger, Zoorasia

The Sumatra Tigers have longer cheek hairs. Let’s compare them with the Amur Tiger. The Sumatra is smaller and a little bit of a deeper orange in colour. I guess it’s because of the difference in the environment of their original habit.

It is so sad that the population of the wild tigers is now smaller than those in captivity.

Have you never seen a tadpole?

Dad talks about tadpoles

"Here, here, here it is!"
But the boy doesn't know what he is looking at.

"What's the shape? What's the colour? What kind of animal or fish is it?"

Tadpole, Zoorasia

Difficult to catch a glimpse

The clouded leopard running swiftly in the bush.

Clouded Leopard, Zoorasia

The Francois Leaf Monkey, a black coated, white bearded neighbour with a punk hairdo, moves very shyly among the nearby branches.

Kids & adults, both noses and hands stuck to the glass.

Penguins freely moving swiftly in the water.

Jack the Lizard

On the ground, the penguins waddle like sack-race contestants. In the water, their wing-like arms propel them swiftly, as if airborne. The kids run back and forth, vainly trying to imitate their graceful flight.

Penguin, Zoorasia

Like a wise mountain monk

A really shiny golden coat

Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Zoorasia

He is a Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (kinshikou). At first he sat with his back to us high in the tree. On noticing us, he came down to sit and stare as if waiting to give us wise oriental advise.

Exercising before going home

Jogging in single file

Running in circles in the clearing, the bush need a better name. Why are called Bush Dogs, can you suggest a better name?

Bush Dog, Zoorasia

Sleeping until sunset, and then...

The Red River Hog is a popular zoo member.

Red River Hog, Zoorasia Jack the Lizard

Sleeping quietly, he suddenly jumps up for supper, as he just remembered to eat. His unusual ear shape is a popular hit with his audience.