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The Osaka Aquarium called Kaiyukan has an enormously huge tank in the centre of the building. The aquarium pathway follows around and around the tank, deeper and deeper, until you feel like a submarine under the sea.

How old are you guys?

They are the living fossiles.

Tank of Ecuador Rainforest with Aropania, Arowana and Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman at Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

This big tank has the natural environment of the tropical forest of Ecuador. Huge arapaima and arowana live in here. Their roommate is the Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman.
His skin looks like armour catching your eyes.

These are the species which have existed since the ancient years.

It looks like a world without gravity.

The Japanese Spider Crab is spread-eagled against the glass wall.

Jack the Lizard

His slow walking alien gait looks like a moon walker. My gosh, there's so many of them and they're everywhere! How do they keep from getting their long legs tangled up with each other. The Stonefish and Scorpionfish from the deep sea, are living together here.


I received a letter from a viewer.

A story about the Crab

The ancestors of the Crab can be divided into two groups, the Spider and the Shrimp. Please take a look at the direction of its toes. If the toes point backward, they are in the Spider group. The King Crab is from this group.

If its nails point forward, they are in the Shrimp group. The Tanna Crab is from this group.

Their long legs sometimes get stuck between the rocks. They have an ability to get free by disconnecting the leg from their body to be free.

Spider Crab, Stonefish, and Scorpionfish at Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

Thank you very much for a very interesting story.

As if they are flying in the sky above you!

Manta's dance and the Batoidea's rapid circles.

Manta Ray at Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

Staring up into the depth of the huge blue glass tank, it is so mesmerizing that you feel you are in the same space with the fishes.

Look! They are flying over you.

What Romantic Lighting

The mystical Blue Sea Turtle

Jack the Lizard

In the late afternoon an evening, the lighting in the tank is dimmed to resemble the moon light. From the dark sky high above, you can see something softly descending.
What is this mystical shape? What can it be?
Ah yes! The beautiful big Green Sea Turtle appears like a floating spirit in the dark waters.

Seaturtle at Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

OOOHHH! Scary looking freshwater fish.

A big green space in the water looks like a tropical rain forest.

Pirarucu at Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

In this freshwater tank, the environment appears just like an Amazon Forest. The Pirarukues swim by arrogantly like kings of the river.
Their big mouths look strong enough to eat your fingers like French Fries.