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Port Jackson Shark

Crown–of-thorns starfish have another animal to watch out. Harlequin shrimp, that is. Harlequin shrimps are not large shrimps, about 2 inches (5 cm), but have outstanding appetite and skills to catch their prey. They almost exclusively eat starfish and can seize much bigger prey than their size. First they paralyze starfish with their front legs. Then they eat it alive. Apparently harlequin shrimps love fresh meat.


Triton and Port Jackson Shark

Coral reefs are not only important for marine animals.


Crown-of-thorns starfish

When it is low tide, coral reefs are ideal hunting ground for Pacific Reef Heron.

Gobies like to stay shallow water environment such as sea grass meadow, tide pool and coral reefs.


Crown-of-thorns starfish and Triton

Plenty of Coral reefs stretch over all animals.

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