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Termite Cathedral


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Termite Cathedral

Some Termites could have eaten dinosaur-bone during the Jurassic period, since the their bite mark found on the fossil. Today termites mainly feed on wood and leaves in subtropical and tropical region in the world. There are about 2300 species of termites so far and they are grouped by where they live and what they eat. Some of them inhabit on the tree and others make nest under the ground. They live in colony and are social insects as ants are. Generally three types of termites are found in their nest, reproductive including Queen and king, solders, and workers.

Some termites build a high mound of which form is like a cathedral and cultivate fungi in it. Humans sometimes consider termites as pests, because termites eat the material of house and destroy the foundation. On the other hand termites attribute to other animals by eating trees and making hollows in which some animals live. Elephants and termites are beneficial reciprocally. Trees are pulled down and branches are broken by elephants during foraging. Termites eat those of elephants left and the dung of elephants. Somehow trees growing on the mound of termites have nutrients than trees surrounding it, and elephants tend to feed on trees found on the mound.

Aardvarks are termites-eater and destroy the mound with their sharp nails, but broken mound are used by other animals such as mongooses and birds. Leopards sometimes use the mound to seek prey or hide themselves when they hunt. During the flood season in Africa the high mounds of termites become the shelter for various species.

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Queen stays in the central chamber and lays eggs all her life. The nest is well ventilated and hot air goes out from top of the nest.