Jack the Lizard

Hi! I'm Jack the Lizard. I would like to invite you to submit your own artworks.

Let's create an exciting Zoo Gallery together

To exhibit your artwork on this Web Gallery, send us an email including:

  1. The artist's name (a nick name is OK),
  2. JPEG images of your work, with greater than 800px for longer length (width/height) images,
  3. A title and comments on your artwork.

All media will be accepted.

Artists of all ages are welcome.

All artworks must depict animals, a zoo or an aquarium. If it's a specific zoo or aquarium, please provide the name of the zoo or aquarium.

My e-mail address is

None of your artwork will be used for anything else except exhibition on this web site.

Let's go see the paintings from the viewer.

Please click ART GALLERY.

Paintings from the young viewers, click Kids Love Zoo.